Adam Kovacs Musician

Adam Kovacs

Adam's musical journey began in 1992 at the national music school piano faculty, Hungary. Continuing his education at the classical percussion faculty in '95, he immersed himself in Afro-Cuban music, focusing particularly on the congas, bongos and timbales. By the age 15 he was touring internationally with various productions.

Simultaneously he worked extensively as a session musician, soon finding himself to be highly demand, performing and recording with some of the newest generation of latin and pop bands in Budapest. He become a significant figure in the music scene in Hungary, working also in other salsa and latin-jazz bands and in numerous pop, jazz and flamenco groups. Notable credits include a full length album for the Hungarian national radio, for EMI, and numerous live performances and TV shows broadcast on television.

Moving to the UK in late 2007 he has found continued success in the music business. He has toured the world with the “Thriller Live” show since 2009. In September 2012 Adam has been offered the percussion chair for Disney's The Lion King show, what is still on tour in the UK.

Contemporaneously He is proudly playing heavy grooves in Nate Williams' band, in the Doug Harper Experiment, and in the recently established latin-jazz sextet Duende, alongside some of London's finest jazz musicians.

If Adam is not on tour then he is in the studio producing and recording for artists, films, TV and radio. His strengths are groove, sound and time and playing with the click.

His playing and music is influenced by Giovanni Hidalgo, Billy Cobham, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Jan Hammer, Weather Report, Marcus Miller, Steve Gadd, Dave Brubeck, Dave Samuels, Dizzy Gillespie, Anga

His motto is: “Life is Rhythm...”

Adam is proud to be endorsed by Vater sticks, Latin Percussion instruments, RhythmTech shakers, Protection Racket cases, and Roland electronic instruments.