Georg Meyer-Wiel Costume Designer

Georg Meyer-Wiel

Since 2005 he has been designing costumes and conceptual wardrobe designs for film and dance theatre: the movie Minotaur, Devolution by the Australian Dance Theatre in Adelaide, Fugal by Rafael Bonachela in collaboration with the State Theatre of Saarbruecken, Magnification by Garry Stewart and danceXchange Birmingham, Infinity, Mammon and The Comedy of Change by Rambert Dance Company, London and The Centre and its Opposite for Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Georg also conducts workshops at the British Museum and has recently won the honorary Trailblazer Award by the Campaign for Drawing. Georg has worked continuously as an artist and has exhibited his work regularly around the world. Major shows have included: Myth and Structure / Hockney Gallery London 2001, ArtAid 05 / Henry Moore Gallery, London 2005, flow / Michael Commerford Gallery, Sydney 2006, Book Illustrations / Kunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn 2007, Dormant / Ubox Gallery, London 2008.

Publications include The Independent, Sunday Times Style, Vogue UK, Tank, Dazed & Confused and Showstudio.