Pietra Mello-Pitman Executive Producer

Pietra Mello-Pitman

Pietra Mello-Pitman has danced for The Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House for almost ten years and has traveled the world performing with them. For her first choreography in 2001 she was awarded first prize at the Ursula Morton Choreography Competition. Pietra was born in Rio de Janeiro and has always had a passion for mixing dance and music styles in her choreography.

She strongly believes in the fusion of the arts and has nurtured her passion for music, art, film and production through collaborations with various artists. She is particularly interested in how dance is filmed and portrayed on screen. She set up Sisters Grimm in partnership with composer Ella Spira after they collaborated on projects for The Royal Ballet.

Pietra has now moved into producing and directing. In September 2009 she produced and directed the short ballet film, Rapunzel – The Final Chapter for Sisters Grimm, working with a highly accomplished production team that included Peter Talbot (Director of Photography on Casino Royale and 28 Weeks Later), Gareth Tandy (Assistant Director on The Borrowers and Nanny McPhee), Chris Gill (Editor of 28 Days Later, Millions and Sunshine), Adrian Rhodes (Sound Engineer on The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and Wallace & Gromit) and Thomas Urbye (Colourist on Corpse Bride and Troy).

Of her choreography, Petals and Tears, to a score by Debussy juxtaposed with 4Hero (an electronic music band), a critic for the Ballet Association wrote: “I was very impressed with all the talents on show last night but particular praise must go to Miss Mello-Pittman … who with her wonderful theatrical sense, gave a new meaning to the term “studio ballet”. Not only beautifully danced but great costumes, a varied and melodic score and entertaining choreography.”