Temple Clark Set Designer & Storyboard Artist

Temple Clark attended Glasgow School of Art where he studied Painting
and Mixed Media, experimenting in Super 8 film and animation. Early on in his professional life Temple formed a design partnership, Undercover, and spent two years designing indie, hip- hop, jazz and award winning classical album covers, including the first House Sound of Chicago records to arrive in Britain. He then moved back into film and animation, working on and designing many award winning videos, commercials and TV title sequences, including The Art of Noise “Close to the Edit” and title sequences for “Network 7” and “Wired”.

In 1994, while working as a freelance storyboard artist for commercials, Temple was offered his first job on a feature film, “Mary Reilly”, quickly followed by the VFX boards on “The Fifth Element”. Temple has been working in the feature film industry ever since, working closely with directors on storyboards or with production designers as a concept illustrator.

He has worked on productions such as: “The World is not Enough”, “Lara Croft:Tomb Raider”, “Cold Mountain”, “Harry Potter” 2 and 3, “Children of Men”, “DaVinci Code”, “Pirates Of The Caribbean”, “Coriolanus”, “Sherlock Holmes”, “The Golden Compass” and “Gravity”.