"A heart-warming antidote to pretty much everything"

Mark Monahan, Daily Telegraph 2019

"As unique as it is spellbinding.... delivered with an infectious enthusiasm"

Jeffery Taylor, Sunday Express 2019

"An uplifting and thrilling experience, which sent me home with a spring in my step and stirring songs on auto-repeat in my head."

Graham Watts, Dance Tabs 2019

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    "A fully deserved standing ovation following their amazing performance. INALA brings abundance of brilliance. "

    Joel Campbell, The Voice 2019

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      "There is so much joy on stage. There is an abundance of good will on both sides of the footlights."

      Robert Tanitch, Mature Times 2019

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        "INALA is a fiesta, a fusion of multicultural rhythm, sound and movement, alongside musicians with skylark voices that sing from the rafters."

        Rachel Nouchi, British Theatre Guide 2019

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        "Inala is a joyful show, a perfect example of true diversity. A standing ovation well deserved"

        London Theatre Reviews 2019

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        "Mark Baldwin's glorious 'zulu ballet' is back – and it's even better than before"

        Mark Monahan, Daily Telegraph 2015

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        "A tingling magic that conjures up the hot sun over vast South African plains..."

        Lyndsey Winship, Evening Standard 2015

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        "A dynamic marriage of contemporary dance and choral music."

        Judith Mackrell, The Guardian 2014

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        "[LBM's] voices soaring out as never before is a thing of stirring beauty."

        Mark Monahan, Daily Telegraph 2014

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        "Tremendous feel-good energy. An abundantly life-affirming show."

        Mary Brennan, The Herald Scotland

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        "Warm hearted and entertaining. The singing is irresistible."

        Lindsey Winship, Evening Standard

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        "It’s at once a high-end ballet production, a live concert and a tenderly affecting performance of stunning, contemporary South African vocal music."

        David Pollock, The Independent

        "Visually impressive. An ambitious, exciting collaboration and a visual treat."

        Barbara Bryan, Edinburgh Guide

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        "Ladysmith Black Mambazo treated a vociferous EIF audience to their exquisite, ebullient vocal art."

        Fiona Shepherd, The Scotsman

        "A perfect example of what can be achieved in art when a great idea and some of the finest talent come together on a production."

        Antoinette Thirgood, The Mumble

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